The fruit of 9,000 years meditation culture in Eastern land, Korea.

Tae-Eul-Ju 태을주

A Spritual Discourse on
Taeeulju Mantra Meditation & Healing

We would like to share with you the Taeeulju Mantra meditation.
This meditation is the fruit of 9,000 years meditation culture in Eastern land, Korea.
It is a really amazing and sacred heavenly song that has been secretly handed down since ancient times.
It is the Taeeulju mantra and by which our mind, body, and soul can be fundamentally healed.
This mantra meditation could also open up the eternal mindset of the Ultimate One (Taeil; 太一).
The invincible power of Dharma could be attained by this mantra, for it contains the Heaven and Earth’s power of creation-transformation(造化).
Now, we share this Taeeulju Mantra, which has been sung by 10 million people day and night over the last 100 years through Korean history.



Introduction to Taeeulju Mantra

Only through meditation, humanity can be one with heaven and earth, its parents. It's the ultimate goal of human life. ...


Principle of Meditation

Mantra has the meaning of invocation which means to call the Holy Spirit of the universe with your mouth and suckle the essential qi of the universe. ...


Words on Taeeulju Mantra

Taeeulju Mantra is defined as a mantra that receives the Holy Spirit of creation-transformation of Heaven and Earth ...


Listening to Taeeulju Mantra

Taeeulju Mantra Pictorial

If you chant Taeeulju Mantra many times, you will have a healthy soul, mind, and body. You will overcome smallpox and the great disaster of disease that will come in the time of Autumn Gaebeok.

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